07 April, 2016

Crossroad Fables

I worked out what I was trying to remember as I was cooking home made hamburgers with havarti cheese, pineapple, bacon, mustard, rocket, home made salsa and home grown tomatoes.

I was reading Andrew Knapp's Tales of the Scarecrow review a couple of days ago, and thought that this seemed like one of the things I do quite often in my games. I haven't specifically read the module reviewed, but I'm probably going to buy a copy of it at some stage. What I have done though, is try to formulate a 200 word supplement that captures the essence of how I'd introduce this kind of concept into a game. You could possible use it a game unto itself, but it's really more of an exercise for injecting flavour and character into a locale that the characters are passing through.

I've written the first draft of 200 words. There might be another draft before the concept is submitted as my official "supplement" entry into the challenge.
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