05 May, 2015

Urban Geomorphs

Just somthing else I've been working on.

Like the Hold 'Em NPCs I described in the last post, this is a quick method for setting up things during a game of "Other Strangeness", but generic enough that they might be useful for any game set in a modern oeuvre. I'm thinking of generating up a dozen or so different alleyway morphs (each in a daytime and a nighttime colouring, reversable on the printed tile), then a few other options such as sewers, streets, shopping centres/malls, parklands. After I get through these, there might be options for modular mix-n-match apartments for characters to explore and engage in conflicts.

The "Other Strangeness" game doesn't use grid based movement, these geomorphs are more designed to show the feel fr the area, and generally divide a conflict into "zones", how far is this zone from that zone (adjacent equals close range, being in the same zone is melee range). Throwing the grids onto the maps mkes them more useful for players who might want to build custom maps for a heroclix combat, or some other game that does use square grid movement.
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