05 May, 2015

Hold 'Em NPCs

A few years ago I created a little thing called the "Hold Em Scene Generator", using the mechanisms of Texas Hold 'Em (3 cards first, followed by two more in sequence) to create a range of quick scenes that might be easily added into any medieval/fantasy campaign fairly seamlessly. It worked well, I was happy with it, I wanted to revisit the concept for sci-fi, modern, and other settings. But like many things, I got distracted and moved onto other projects that seemed more pressing at the time.

I've been doing a little work in that regard over the past couple of days. Not so much using Texas Hold 'Em to create scenes, but instead using it to rapidly develop interesting NPCs (their place in the world, their attitudes, their goals). This specifically doesn't include game statistics, I'm trying to make sure it's open and accessible to any game, but more to add the depth that many game systems don't think about.

The idea is still nowhere near complete, and it requires more work before I consider it suitable for public consumption, I just thought I'd share something that should be appearing soon.
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