20 May, 2015

Next project

Over the weekend, I went to "Comic Gong", a comic festival run by the council of the city of Wollongong. It was held in three venues, the city library, the city art gallery, and the town hall. Entry was free because it was all organised by the local government (which meant venues were cost the convention nothing to use). Despite free entry, it was a lot less crowded than most comic conventions I've been to. I even managed to track down some of the organisers about setting up a table at next years convention, expecting a typical $200 fee for the chance...but this year the local vendor tables were free as well (next year there might be a $20 fee).

Long story short #1, I need to get stuff together in the next 12 months to display to the world.

Long story short #2, I met a bunch of great artists who I'd love to share money with by launching some crowd-funded projects and getting them to illustrate for me. I've even found a local miniatures sculptor who said he'd love to do some collaboration with me.

I still want to knock down and finish some of the backburner projects I've had sitting around for too long... the fantasy version of FUBAR, additional "Hold Em" sets, "Other Strangeness", "Walkabout" ...but now I'm thinking of ways that I might be able to incorporate other people into those.

For the moment, university assignments to complete...then back to the designing.
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