09 December, 2012

The Train Job - A Scenario

In much the same way that the "Lost Legionnaire" was the last character type to be published openly for Ghost City Raiders, this scenario "The Train Job" will be the last one published openly.

The Train Job

Thanks for all the support with the game so far.

I'm hoping that I'll have everything ready before the new year so that an official pdf launch can be made on RPGNow at the start of 2013, followed by a physical copy launch (probably through indiegogo) where everything will be made available in a small custom tin containing everything necessary for play (core booklet, 10 character booklets, 10 scenario booklets, counters, paperclips and a deck of cards).

Hopefully, this Indiegogo project will be a bit more successful than the last one (which, while successful, has ended up costing me more money than I earned through it). I guess the last one was a decent PR exercise and a good learning experience...
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