07 December, 2012

Pocketmod Goblin Layout Pages

The Pocketmod Playbook format seems to work pretty well. So there doesn't seem to be much need to change it too radically when shifting it toward the goblin setting. The range of skills and skill effects might be a bit different, but the general format of the booklets can remain basically the same, title page, skill pages with combat stances at top and bottom, and an attribute page at the end. 

For the backgrounds of the goblin pages, I'm using the layouts for the Goblin Tarot cards and Tarot companion book. This ties the whole world together from an aesthetic perspective, and there will be some mechanical links within the game to keep it thematically consistent. I'm thinking that the penalties on the back page of the character sheet should link into the suits of the goblin tarot in some way...this makes mechanical sense, especially if the goblin tarot will be used as the card drawing tool for the game's mechanisms.

I think the actual skills and game elements of the Goblin Pocketmod game will be more iconic and pictorial to make the game a bit more kid-friendly than the post apocalyptic setting of "Ghost City Raiders".

Lots of ideas...plenty of potential.
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