02 December, 2012

Monsterhearts 1

I've started running a Monsterhearts game.

Basic premise.

Think "True Blood" meets "Being Human" (UK style), in Tasmania. 4 characters share a house.

A football-watching, lazy Vampire.
A loving and affectionate Angel.
A slightly trigger happy Chosen (a Hunter).
An agoraphobic teleporting Witch.

But we don't know that's what they are yet.

I didn't want the players to get their heads stuck into a specific mindset about their characters before play started. That sort of thing can be toxic to a game about relationships. I've played a few games with this group and they're pretty open to suggestions...so we made character backstories with "A Penny for my Thoughts", then made characters based on those backstories.

I'll provide a play-by-play history of the backstory development as soon as I can find the paperwork (but I think the players took them home).

Here's the basic way that the backstories panned out...

Character 1 buys a car which turns out to be possessed. (A great hook for later)
Character 2 links in with this car and ends up being the girlfriend of Character 1.
Character 3 once had Character 2 as their best friend.
Character 2's fondest memory involves giving an ice-cream to Character 4 (when they were young).

Character 3 has some friends who know about the supernatural (Some fun NPCs to pull in at a later time)
Character 4 is turned on by all sorts of things.

Character 1 is killed in a car crash and wakes up on a morgue table with a creepy guy reading a book and chanting.
Character 2 was all cut up about an incident where her boyfriend died, she tracks down someone who can deal with the supernatural...thus leading to the creepy morgue guy (another NPC to use), she was teleported out of a car crash by Character 4.

It gets more complicated, but let's just say that an elaborate and interwoven backstory was created for the group.

[EDIT: Here's where the story takes place...New Norfolk...there's a reason it occurs here.]

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