02 December, 2012

Collaborative Storytelling, that sounds familiar

One of the things that bugs many people about fan fiction is that it typically portrays the heroes as mary-sues. Stagnant characters who automatically overcome any situation thrown at them. The thing is that I've heard many people describe fan-fiction as "roleplaying", especially when two or more people decide to collaborate on the same story. It's a really weird twist on the term for those of us who engage in RPGs at a tabletop or LARP level, and in the past I've had arguments with this style of "roleplayer", claiming that it isn't real roleplaying...but that's not what I'm here to discuss today.

I'm actually looking at...


It seems to be a way to inject the randomness and collaboration of an RPG back into the storycraft of fan fiction. I don't know how long this idea will last, but I'll be checking in on it over the next couple of weeks to see what interesting stories emerge.

The basic platform seems to be a way for authors to write an open story, allowing people to vote on where they want the story to go. The author sets some choices, then once the vote comes in, they direct the story according to that feedback.

I thought this one was cute, but it certainly shows that the author can make really loaded questions regarding the options for voting.

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