Blogs of Negativity

Apparently, this was a thing.

By the time I found out about it, it was gone.

It seems to be related to one of the many toxic individuals who have been recently exposed in our hobby.

Whether it's related to"Yourdungeonissuck" , I don't know. Perhaps it was made by the same person, perhaps it was made as a response... either way, these are the kinds of sites that drive toxicity and trolling behaviours. There are plenty of other blogs that do similar things, by attacking the productivity of designers they don't like,

I know I'm not immune to it. I've attacked a few games and related products over the years, but where possible I've tried to explain my reasoning. More often I've just tried to keep a low profile and work on my own stuff.

I'll hopefully start posting more of that stuff I've been working on soon... but this year has been pretty chaotic.


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