14 July, 2017

Fusing Familiar and The Law

I've been thinking about ways to integrate the two games, "Familiar" and "The Law", perhaps even connecting the mutant animal game "Other Strangeness" and the unnamed Angel game. It shouldn't be hard. Most have been based in a setting that's a huge, overwhelming, dystopian sprawl... similarly, they've all been based on very similar game mechanisms which have reflected an evolving core system which began as "System 4". It's been the specific interconnectedness of these elements that's given me trouble.

Until today, when this article about a library scanning in magical texts came across my radar.

It made me think of the Librarians in Warhammer 40k, and how they might be written if the game started today. Mystics with books filled with arcane methods of harnessing the mystic energies of the warp... basically the Imperial sorcerors from Warhammer (but that's not surprising given that everything in Warhammer 40k started off as an analogue for someing in the fantasy game). Now I'd expect the same types of characters to be running around with digital tablets filled with arcane runes, probably digitally transmitting occult datastreams to metamorphic psi-crystal infused drones, so they can command the battlefield as a hive.

I've been having trouble with some of the mystic aspects of the Agents of Law, focusing more on the concept of Judge Anderson from 2000AD, but this concepts of a mystical rigger has also become interesting. I guess it's a bit "Warmachine" too. Linking in concepts from those other game projects, i becomes a more dynamic and interesting world for the Agents to explore and patrol.

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