17 December, 2014

A Fox's Guide to...

A few months ago, I put forward the idea of a blog series about constructed languages, an artform known as "conlanging". As someone who has studied linguistics, I figured this might be interesti g to explore for a few posts, delving into the way words might be structured from mouth sounds, grammar might be built up from combining terms in different ways, and logical structures of conversation might accumulated.

Conlanging is a common thing found in plenty of fantasy worlds and games, but like "world-building" there are too many instances where it's done poorly (either due to laziness, or from simply not understanding the logical processes involved).

I'll try to work my way through this using a combination of the things I've learnt in my linguistic study, and working through the development of an actual constructed language.

Since I've got parts of this new world that lie as blank slates, I'll probably develop a new language for one of them.
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