12 January, 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Furry

I've almost finished work on a simple expansion to Tooth and Claw.

It's a general players guide with a few ideas on how to get the most out of playing a ferret, and a few optional new rules that might make the game a bit more interesting. Leah and I have also statted up our rag-tag business of furry heroes, these will be released in two formats as a quick-play starter-set (ferret generation in the game is pretty quick already, but this would allow players to get directly into the action, or show people how a group of ferrets links together).

Just like the core rules, I'll probably be selling each of these for a dollar and I'll be directing half of the profits from these directly to the NSW Ferret Welfare Society. The society will be getting a fairly sizeable cheque (or cash donation) at this stage.

I'll also be writing up a GM's guide to Tooth and Claw some time in the near future, and maybe drawing up some sample maps of houses from a ferret's perspective.

Once these are all completed I'll provide a bundle that links all the components together for a reduced price. I haven't quite worked out the logistics of that yet.
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