04 January, 2013

Back in the Hot list

It feels like being in a band and checking the top 40 to see if your songs are resonating with the public (or checking to see if your band's marketing people are doing the right things and kissing the right butts). But this one rises or falls with me, there is no-one else to blame things on.

Because of it's unusual product model, I wasn't sure how well the Ghost City Raiders project would perform on the open market. Combine this with the notions that I usually upload my products and make them available for free, and don't have a lot of self confidence. These have combined to make me really happy about the way things are going so far this year.

Storyweaver still sit on top of the charts (with the same product that prevented "Tooth and Claw" from reaching the top spot), but I can't resent them as a local Sydney group of great guys.

There is another benefit of having a few high profile products over the last couple of months; people are checking my older games and some of them have started selling again. There have been a few sales for some of the FUBAR supplements, and even Spider's Dance is getting another run.

Now I just need to try and capitalise on this momentum.
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