23 January, 2013

Taking things further in the Post Apocalypse

I've been doing some work on Walkabout again, as well as the spin-off game Ghost City Raiders (which has ironically been released first).

I'm really not sure if the game prelude I wrote earlier is a good fit for the direction I want the game to take. It's one of those many starts that could be a false start or it could be something that I use later, perhaps as the prelude text for a player's guide or GM guide.

This still leaves me in a dilemma about the voice for the text. I want it to be easy and fun to read, but also informative and definitive.

Maybe I'm just overanalysing things.

In news for Ghost City Raiders, I'll be releasing a series of interconnected trios over the next couple of months. 3 characters sharing a theme or a faction, combined with a three act storyline specifically designed with these characters in minds.

The first ideas I have in mind here are a trio of specifically female characters, a trio sharing the "Rust" trait (as mentioned in the "Shadows of Rust" storyline), a trio of nomads, and a trio of magic users.

I should b able to write these up over the next couple of weeks, then stagger their release over a few months. Where the game goes after this, I'm not sure...attention will generally shift back to Walkabout.
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