08 January, 2013

A pair of semi-official New Years Resolutions

A couple of ties during my life, I've made the resolution to draw at least one finished artwork every week. I think I've attempted this resolution four times in total, once I actually did 52 new images for the year, once I got most of the year done (maybe 40 images, with a few gap weeks here and there), and the other two times I bombed out after only a couple of weeks/months.

I've decided that I'm going to try it again this year. After all, I'm going to need plenty of new images for character types in Ghost City Raiders, and I've got a whole heap of illustrations required for other projects.

It'd be nice to get two images done per week, preferably in different illustration styles, but this would be pushing it.

It's now the 8th of January (from my part of the world, as I type this), I've got my first image done and I have ideas for at least half a dozen more. I'll be scanning in a few images shortly.

My second resolution is something I wanted to achieve with both "The Eighth Sea" and "FUBAR", but never really accomplished. The aim is to produce a monthly supplement, and this time I'll focus on "Ghost City Raiders". It should be easier to produce a pocketmod character and a scenario once per month, especially since there is a standard template I'm working off for both of these.

2012 was a year for setting things up, I'd like to hope that 2013 will be a year for project completion and ongoing development.
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