06 November, 2015

NaGaDeMon - Project 1: Bug Hunt (Part 2)

IThe playtest version of Big Hunt was hand crafted over the course of a couple of days and nights. With hand measured and cut MDF hexes, each hand painted textured and lacquered.

But if I'm planning to do anything beyond a few simple game sets, or bespoke gaming products, I need to start drawing up new hex tiles for mass printing. That brings me back to geomorphs.

The idea here is that we have two phase geomorphs (if you're not sure what I mean here, have a look at my previous geomorph series of posts), one side type is land, the other side type is water. When the game is being played, players can find bug trails but the bugs don't cross water. Similarly, in differrent iterations of the game rules, we've had some versions where players can cross water with their character markers (but they end their turn when they do so because they get tired), and versions where water just can't be crossed at all. Each version twists the play experience subtly and I'm going to have to pin down one option or the other.

For the moment though, more drawing of hexes.

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