08 November, 2015

Illustrations and Maps

Today I'm working through the illustration of 30 map tiles for "Bug Hunt", that will be 24 hex tiles for the core set to explore, a home base, and an extra five tiles for an expansion if anyone is interested in it.

The 30 tiles have been scanned in and now I'm colouring them. Applying grassy, sandy, rocky, watery textures, and generally trying to make the tiles look a bit more professional than most of the games I've seen produced by folks on The Game Crafter. I'm also trying to make sure the cards match the stylistic elements I've already got going with the bug cards. I'm not particularly happy with whatI've generated up so far, so I might start the process of recolouring them all over again. 

That means there won't be a lot of work here on the blog, because if anything else gets focus it will be the FUBAR rewrite. I might post some pictures of the cards shortly to crowdsource some feedback.
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