11 October, 2015

#Drawlloween #Inktober 11 - Raven

The animals of the Darkhive typically came as farm creatures, and stowaways on the various ships that crashed into the ancient hulk. This means that most animals are rodents, lizards, and insects, there are a few predators, but mostly these have descended from animals that were bred for hunting. They aren't many birds at all, and if there were ever any ravens, they haven't been seen in generations.

The strongest representation of Ravens and other birds in the hive comes from the "wanderer script" inscribed on pathways across the hive. There are hundreds of symbols that make up this language, although many of these symbols are only common in specific regions of the hive. The Raven symbol is one of the more common signs, typically denoting a safe passage that has been recently used by a wanderer.

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