09 September, 2015

#Threeforged Reviews

A lot of people seemed to enjoy reading my Game Chef reviews a few weeks ago, I'm thinking of doing something similar for the Threeforged contest.

I'd probably end up doing a very different marking rubric for this contest because it's a very different style of competition to Game Chef.

Overall does it look playable? (Out of 20)
Does it look like a consistent vision? (vs a muddied mess from too many cooks stirring the pot) (Out of 10)
Is it a complete package? (Out of 20)
Does it look professional? (this one really comes down to the last round's efforts... Out of 10)
Would I play it? (Out of 10)
Does it look like anything else out there at the moment? (out of 30... Working on the idea that "Yet another f$&king Apocalypse World Hack" or "angsty catharsis situation with no rules" earns zero points, while quirky new ideas or old ideas that haven't surfaced in my streams for a while will score higher point values).

I'm more carefully considering the specific point criteria now.

The few games I've opened up so far have been an interesting mix of styles and quality.
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