10 June, 2015

Storifying Mage: The Ascension (Part 10) - Back to the Drawing Board

I've found out that there was a set of one page Microlite rules developed for the Storyteller System (there are links referring to it here and here). That doesn't mean I've given up on my project, because every link I've found to the Microlite Storyteller has been broken. I can't find the system at all, just evidence that it did exist at one stage. (If this link is it, it's certainly not what I'm after, and it even appears that I blogged about it quite some time ago.)

Some of the comments I've seen seem to allude to the idea that this microlite set of rules was generally derived from the Vampire Quickstart rules...I've got them somewhere in my game library, and I remember them being a very streamlined, bare-bones system that really capture the core elements of vampire without a lot of messy detail. So, the next step in this procedure will be to find that set of quickstart rules, read through them and see what can be harvested from it as useful pieces.

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