08 March, 2015

Font Bundle Pack Now Available

For those who were interested in the Dungeon Fonts that I've been putting up for sale over on RPGNow/DrivethruRPG, I've decided that I'll bundle together the first few as a discounted pack. Instead of $5 per font, you get the base font and each of the first three expansions for a total of $10. That's 50% off the total cost.

Link to the Bundle Pack

Once I've created another three expansions, I may bundle them together in the same way (Core set + 3 expansions). But if I'm going to follow this model, I will try to ensure that the three expansions bundled together follow some kind of standard theme, perhaps urban enviroments, natural environments, traps and pitfalls, or a group of sci-fi glyphs. I don't know, we'll see how things go.
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