24 July, 2013

Sample Images for the Game Comic

I'm working through some preliminary sketches for the comic that will be used to described play examples in Walkabout.

At the moment, just a few profile sketches to try and get a feel for the players who will be helping to describe the game.

I haven't really decided who will play what role in the comic, nor have I decided on skin or hair colouration. Given the themes of culture and aboriginality, I'll probably be giving (at least) one of the characters a darker skin tone, and then I'll probably use this character to try and explore a bit more of these themes as the occur through the play examples.

The other thing this leads to is traits for the players...which one is the GM, which one is the rules lawyer, which is the dramatic actor of the group, which comes up with the crazy schemes...all those typical gamer tropes.

I have thought about options for clothes, these will be depicted in a future post.
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