19 July, 2013

A bit of Pseudo-Science

I'm working through some more of the background details on Walkabout. Trying to get the pseudo-science to sound right. Here's one of the passages I've just written. I hope it makes sense.

Those with a more scientific education claim that spirits are beings of quantum flux. They have always existed in a state just beyond reality, able to coexist in an endless number of locations, and not subject to the laws of matter, energy or time as we understand them. When perceived by an observer in the past, the spirits have taken on a coherent form (their probability waves collapsing into understandable patterns), those forms typically conforming to the belief patterns of the observer. In many cases, an observer has collapsed several probability waves into the one pattern, and thus spirits have developed a variety of traits. Thus animal spirits become tricksters or symbols of virtue, and elemental beings become associated with abstract concepts like emotions. Collective belief over centuries has reinforced the expected forms of the spirits, and observers have learnt ways to collapse “spiritual quantum probability waves” into predetermined forms through carefully followed rituals. Now that the scope of reality has widened, many spirits have been caught in a permanently observable state, unable to resume a quantum wave; they settle into forms they are familiar with, forms that survivors expect to observe…forms of mythology, dream and nightmare. 
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