05 June, 2013

The Other Components

With an expectation of no more than 6 sessions, and a maximum of five players per session, I've printed off the following...

For the players...

30 pocketmods containing the core game rules for Walkabout
30 pocketmod character booklets
(Based on experience, roughly half the players like to keep mementos of their games, while the other half leave their stuff behind...with this in mind I could probably handle another session or two)
10 sets of Oracle rules (for those players who might be interested in learning more about what 'm doing as the GM)

For me...

10 pocketmods for assorted survivors and spirits to be encountered along the way
2 story charts (I only need one, the second is just a back-up)
2 local maps (again, I only need one, the second is just a back-up)

I already have a hundred (or so) trait cards from earlier game sessions of FUBAR, these will be fine to use since the basic game mechanisms in FUBAR and Walkabout are generally the same (one uses dice while the other uses tokens), the trait cards are interchangeable.  

What else do I need to run the game?

Each character requires an assortment of 12 coloured tokens to draw during their challenges...a specific 12 tokens based on their character type. So generally I need about 30 tokens each for white, black, blue, green and red. I've got poker chips that can handle this.

Next I need some kind of opaque receptacle to hold the tokens/chips. I'd like a small bag for each player, but I don't know if I'll be able to get these (funds are pretty tight n the lead up to the convention), I have a selection of old tin cans that will work just as well, and they might be a good immersion element since the game is about scavengers dealing with problems of the past and using whatever is at hand to forge a new future.

I haven't printed the sheets that players would use to show their success, story and sacrifice allocations. I just forgot about them and have run out of ink in my printer...I might draw something up.

I need about 60 tokens to use for imbalance chips and edge tokens, they might be different types, or maybe the same (since only the oracle uses imbalance chips and only the players use edge tokens). I've got some plastic toy gold coins that can be used in this capacity.

A few pens and pencils never go astray, nor do a few sheets of blank paper. If I get ambitious, I might take along my whiteboard and a few whiteboard markers (I don't know what facilities are at the Phenomenon convention site).

Anything else I take along will just be ritual componentry to help set the scene and add to the immersion factor. Candles, bits of costume jewellery, a few crystals, maybe some kind of trinket the a single player can hold to indicate who the "active wayfarer" is. When presenting the debut of a game, it's nice to keep things memorable.

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