01 June, 2013

The line between simple and complex

It's a tough line to draw on a slippery slope. Every has their optimal place to put the line, some place it near the complicated, crunchy end...others place it near the free-flowing, loose end. Most people seem to wiggle the line a bit, preferring different levels of simplicity or complexity depending on what specific types of scenes they are dealing with. Traditionally, we've seen complex combat systems with overly simplistic social systems.

I like consistency across the board rather than a strange assortment of bits and pieces that have to be glued together in an awkward fashion to make a barely coherent game.

So, now I'm really starting to pick apart Walkabout again...before its debut. Probably not a good thing to do at this stage of the game, but I'm torn between displaying something that I know to work, but it's a bit rusty...or something that is experimental and will either be brilliant, or will crash and burn.

I'm erring toward simple, but I don't want to strip out too much of the flavour.

I've got a few days to consider my options.
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