07 October, 2012

Walkabout World Guide Contents

Since Walkabout will be divided into a series of books, some with rules and some without, I'll be writing up the non-rule books in the form of a travel guide to the new world.

This is a tentative outline for the second book, I can certainly see that some parts of the book could easily blow out to twice their size (or more), but the aim is to keep the book fairly concise. This book is meant to be the kind of thing that a novice adventurer might actually carry around with them while they are coming to grips with the strange world outside of the city where they grew up.  

112 pages – World Almanac/Atlas/Survival Guide

Important Things to Know (16 pages)
Introduction (2 pages)
History (4 pages)
Global Geography (4 pages)
Australian Geography (4 pages)
General Customs (2 pages)

Customs and Rituals of the New World (32 pages)
The Northern Alliance (4 pages)
Capricornia (4 pages)
Thylacine Kingdom (4 pages)
Independent Territories (4 pages)
The Nomads (4 pages)
The New Aboriginal Nations (4 pages)
(Each of these describes a quick history of the group, some of the general customs that differ from the rest of the nations, community demographics, significant days, thoughts on neighbouring communities, maps of the region, and points of interest)
The Skyfarers (2 pages)
Shattered Lands (2 pages)
The Wilderness (2 pages)
Wayfarers (2 pages)
(Each of these has far less detail, with basic maps and places of interest, a few general customs and community demographics, and thoughts on the “civilised” parts of the country)
Spirit Nations (4 pages)
(Very little is specifically known about the rumoured “nations” of spirits that have established themselves, this section is full of rumours, conjecture, myths and legends)

General Bush Survival Tips (36 pages)
Driving the Old Highways (4 pages) – Nomad signs, Common hazards, Law of the Road.  
Following the Rails (4 pages) – Common hazards, the rail Nomads, Rail map.
Alternate Paths (8 pages) – Skyfarer flying, Merchant flights, Travel by Sea, Offroad and Horseback.
Finding Bush Tucker (8 pages) – Tips on what is edible, Finding and purifying water, a few bush tucker recipes.
First Aid (8 pages) – Requirements for a good First Aid Kit, Attending to common injuries, Herbal recipes to cure poisons and toxins, symptoms of ills and diseases from travel.
Dealing with Animals (8 pages) – Images of the typical animals encountered, which are good to eat, which are best to avoid, and how to best utilise them (riding, hunting, etc.).

Lore of the Spirit World (24 pages)
Legends (8 pages) – The general types of spirits historically
Places of Power (4 pages) – Where spirits tend to be encountered
The Spirit Field Guide (12 pages) – Specific data that has been ascertained about spirits so far

Index (4 pages)  
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