03 June, 2012

Exactitudes - A tool, an artform, a social comment

While digging through some other things on the net, I found a website called Exactitudes.

It is one artists pictorial representation of societal cross sections. Each work is 12 people who (in their own way), fit a general stereotype for a social group. It shows that stereotypes are a powerful thing, and I instantly thought that it might be a great tool for gaming.

The first option would be as a random character portrait generator in a modern day game. Do you have a general stereotype that your character fits? Chose that stereotype and roll a d12 to get an image of your character.

The second idea to come to mind might be to limit character to specific people within that stereotype. What stories do we tell within that social group? How do the characters identify themselves as individuals within a common subculture?

I'm sure there are plenty more ways that this artists work can be used within the context of role playing, since "role" is such a vital part of his work. This were just my first inspirations, and I thought I'd share them
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