This article on Nüshu intrigues me.

Especially with regard to my game "Familiar". 

One of the key elements of that game is the idea that there are books scattered around the world filled with arcane knowledge that might be capable of awakening individuals into the mysteries of magic. Familiars are creatures of the spirit world who manifest in the physical world to act as magical catalysts, and for much of human history the majority of them have been drawn to powerful people who could make a substantial difference to the societies around them. In recent history, more familiars have seen the error of this, realising that the powerful have little desire to change the world because they already have power and tend to be complacent. 

It's the underdogs, the victimised, and the downtrodden who have the strongest desire for change. 

It's a language like this that could feasibly hold the keys to a form of mystical awakening, and a group of familiars who have kept its secrets hidden from the historically powerful groups who might have tried to eliminate it. 

I really need to get back to work on that game...


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