04 November, 2017

NaGaDeMon 2017 #7 - Card Preliminary Designs

If I've decided that the imagery for the game is going to be a key element to help players get immersive in the session's unfolding narrative, then the aesthetic really needs to reflect film noir and neo-noir.

First, the generic card back which will be used for all the Acrhetype cards.  

Next, the front of the archetype cards. If the character is a "Racketeer" they get an image of a pistol of their card, if they are an "Upstanding Citizen" they have no pistol depicted.

Professionals have a deliberate space in the middle of the card which will be filled with the relevant rules that describe special abilities that might be possessed.


Then we have the name cards, where I'm thinking of using 10 distinctly male names, 10 distinctly female names, and 10 androgynous or ambiguous names.

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