12 September, 2017

#DIY30 #11

11. Why is the stone circle on the hill top broken?

Who says it's broken? It has been like that for as long as anyone can remember. There are even some who say that it was built in it's current state. So it's not so much that the stone circle is broken, but more accurate to say that it was never complete.

What might the stone circle have done if it had been completed? A few scholars have offered suggestions. (Roll a d6 to determine which of these is real).

1. The stone circle when completed would habe been an accurate sundial and calendar.

2. The stone circle would have been configured in such a way to summon a monstrous creature from the nether realm, during a particular celestial alignment... but it wasn't finished in time. Coincidentally, the same celestial alignment is due to occur some time in the mear future.

3. The stone circle marks the graves of a forgotten family of decadent and bloodthirsty nobles. One stone per noble. The family were overthown by their vassals before the circle could be completed.

4. The stone circle was an installation by a group of artistic troubadours a few decades ago, it looks broken because that makes people feel uncomfortable. Ever since it was built, and the nomadic artists fled the area, people have wanted to track them down for such a rubbish job, and because they're sick of being asked why the stone circle is broken.

5. See that sign over there, the one that says "People who ask about the broken stone circle will be put to work in the mines for the term of their natural life".... yep, that one... guess what, stranger... you're headed to the mines.

6. What stone circle? I don't know what you're talking about.

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