26 June, 2017


I'm one of those people who is very picky when it comes to the comic collection.

A lot of comics are read once, then carefully bagged and boarded before storing on shelves or in boxes. This is not due to a belief that the comics are worth a fortune, more aboit respecting stuff that has value to me after too many instances where my stuff has been damaged or thrown away. I figure that if it looks respected, or valuable, then other people around me might treat those things the same way. I guess it has worked to some extent, because a few friends have given me their comic collections to be stored in the same way, knowing that even if their comics aren't worth a lot on the resale market, at least they'll be in good condition if they ever want them back (rather than damaged by housemates in share houses, or lost in transit between multiple accommodations).

So, while I'm developing a game that's basically set in a certain comic universe, using a size and page count equivalent to a standard comic book, it naturally crosses my mind to present the game backed and boarded. Which then leads me to thinking about later elements of the project which might take the form of additional comics in the series. The first might be a GM/Dispatch guide, explaining a few ways to run investigations or generally keep Agents on their toes. Followed by an Agent/Player guide, offering some new ways to add depth to characters, and other ideas to enhance characterisation. Maybe a setting booklet with a range of NPCs, or a typically cyberpunk equipment guide (to show what the system is capable of, for those players who just want ready-made stuff rather than working through the rules to create their own). These might even be bundled into a single "graphic novel".

Still thinking...first I need to get the core part of the game done.

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