21 January, 2017

A free game (of sorts)

Over the years I've had a few fragmentary game ideas that never really went anywhere. Sometimes I come back to them and polish them up enough to present to the outside world.

Here's one of those ideas.

It's a game called Tales. It's pretty open in this incarnation, designed for a group to collaboratively tell stories together, and when you put it that way it sounds like standard RPG fare.

The point of difference here is that instead of an arbitrary randomiser to determine whether a character succeeds in their action, or a direct comparison of skills levels to difficulty degree, a players companions determine whether a character succeeds by playing a card from a hand that is replenished randomly through the course of play. So a player is prompted to create dramatic moments and appeal to the players around them for the chance to gain maximum success potential (of course there's always the chance that those other players won't be able to provide a successful action, it all depends what's in their hands, and what they might be saving successes for).

Some of the ideas derive from my game "The Eighth Sea", but in a seriously stripped back version. But most of the ideas derive from my earlier incarnation of the "Tales" game engine.

Anyway, here it is. 

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