18 March, 2016

I've run out of art supplies

I'm working my way slowly through my most recent piece in the landscape series because I've run out of the heavy watercolour paper that I've been illustrating on. That means I'll have to focus on other projects until next pay day...if I can work a new pad into the budget...otherwise it may be over a fortnight until the following payday before I get the chance to buy some more.

On the positive side, that means I'll have more time to work on some of the other artistic projects I've been procrastinating about. Or it might just mean I'll have to compile the images into the final card format that has been their goal, or maybe even work them into the book idea I've had.

Or maybe just get stuck into the four university projects and assignments that I have to complete in the next month.

Once again, too many ideas, not enough time. Things might get a little quiet around here for a while...but then again, contest season is just around the corner.

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