RPGaDay (Day 26)

Favourite Inspiration (for your game)

Honestly, inspiration can be found anywhere. I've carried notebooks around for years, just waiting for inspiration to strike, so that I can write it down.

I love bad movies with plot holes or crappy endings, where I can use the setting as a basis to quickly get everyone on the same page ("Just watch the movie, and pick a lesser character from it, we're going to tell their stories and they'll be far more interesting than the movie was...").

I love cutting out newspaper articles where you can tell that there was something happening behind the scenes that the reporter isn't allowed to write (for fear of defamation...or simply because the "facts" are so hard to pin down).

I love hearing snippets of conversation, or even being involved in them, and imagining the underlying meaning of those conversations completely changed if they were held in a different context (or if some of the words were being used to conceal protected-data/sacred-secrets of some kind).

I can find inspiration anywhere.

My favourite inspiration is the inspiration that is currently inspiring me.


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