10 October, 2014

A Map of a Place that Some People might find Familiar

The Scavenger's Tale takes place in the post apocalyptic world of Walkabout. Which means that it occurs somewhere in a twisted future version of our world.

So I drew a map of a city that I know pretty well, laid waste by war and ecological apocalypse...then added a few place names derived by twisting the current titles, or using socio-geographic features and other interesting trivia to rename them.

Here's the current work in progress.

(...and here's a link to a larger version of the map)

In related news, I'll definitely be getting stuck back into the full Walkabout game project before the end of the year. My Indigenous Studies course at university (and specific discussions with lecturers) have told me that I'm basically on the right track with making sure everything is portrayed honestly and openly. The key is to avoid pigeon-holing, and allow everyone a variety of meaningful options.
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