02 August, 2014

A Fox's Guide to Terrain Building (Part 3)

At this stage we're still cutting out the shapes for the final piece.

The basic rectangles for the box sides have been cut out, and now it's time for detailing the piece. That means windows, then etching designs into the sides.

Instead of the heavy power tools, this cutting and etching is done with a hand-held rotary tool (my wife spent a decent amount of money on a variable speed Dremel with a huge range of attachments as a birthday present to me a few years ago). I still make sure to label all the pieces, just in case my cutting isn't straight and some windows don't match up with some holes, this means each window shutter will definitely fit, because it is marked to match the hole it was cut from.

Now for some etching, because I like surface detail.

A long way to go, but we're getting there.
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