03 March, 2010

Vector Theory Thoughts

When the comments go silent (except for spam), I can only assume that I'm shooting off on tangents that have lost relevance to anyone who might be reading. SO that means that people will stop reading, and that means that I won't get any feedback about my theories.

If I wanted to write theories without getting any feedback, I'd just use the traditional cathartic process of filling a notebook or journal with words, then filing it away on a bookshelf or in a drawer somewhere.

My bookshelves and drawers are getting pretty full...

...so it's time for me to start grounding my theories in some real world situations, in the hope that I might start luring a few comments back. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I felt it more necessary to get some of the more abstract concepts out. Without the larger abstract context, a lot of the real world situations just look like the same stuff that everyone else is writing about in their roleplaying-game related blogs.
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