RPGaDay (Day 9)

Favourite Media that I wish were an RPG


There are so many RPGs inspired by genres I love, and so many that miss the mark. There are just as many licensed properties I've looked at over the years, where I enjoyed the source material, but it was simply applied as a veneer over a generic system... doing nothing for the licenced property and nothing for the system.

I don't know that I could curse any more of my favourite medias with the RPG treatment only to see disappointment at the results... Again.

I know that there are some media forms that have transcended this issue, I never played it, but apparently Smallville was one of those.

Buckaroo Banzai is on my list, I've heard a few false starts over the years. I'd love to see one of those come to fruition. I seriously fear it would end up as one of those games that just can't mesh intellectual property (IP) source material and system together adequately, but it would be nice to see a completed attempt.

There are also a range of media that set up worlds that seem ripe for adventuring in, but leave things hanging. I'd watch Sense8 with a group of friends, and then at the ends of the final episode say "which ones are you? Where do you go now?". Or something similar with the "Riddick" movies.

There are so many hacks that fill the void with quirky rule systems that something could easily be used to adapt an existing IP into an RPG format. It's just a case of picking the right one.

But personally, in general, I prefer to create my own worlds. Maybe filing the serial numbers off an existing major IP, but typically drwing inspiration from two. This way deviation from the source material really isn't an issue, it's more of a confirmation that our group has created something unique of our own. In this way I'm thinking of something that exists in a world that shares Killjoys and Dark Matter.


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