RPGaDay (Day 23)

Perfect Game for You

(Perfect Game for Me)

I noticed that yesterday there were a wide variety of responses to the "perfect gaming environment". Some people took it more socially, describing how they try to set up a group dynamic that facilitates a storytelling environment they feel most comfortable in. Others described theoretical ultimate environments like cruise ships where the gaming was secondary to the "ultimate environment" or even "ultimate socialising environment".

I expect today's responses to be similar.

My perfect game is an eternal quest of discovery and exploration. My tastes change, and the journey is more important than the destination. I've spoken before about a legendary game in these parts, a monstrous hybrid of tabletop, live action and miniatures play called "Raven's Nest". It ran for years, but I played it at a convention once (about 20 years ago). The game itself was played out on a massive scale model city...maybe 2-3m wide and 4-5m long...miniatures were moved around this city in real time, and when combat broke out, a mini skirmish game would be played out. When social activity occurred, minis would be removed from the table, players would "find a secluded part of town" or withdraw into a tavern or temple... then they'd act out this portion of the game LARP style.

Getting a working game like that to happen again has been a Holy Grail for me over the past decade, but I don't know if I'm chasing nostalgia, or if it's actually possible.

In the meantime, I'm incolved in something similar, but not quite. It's a Malifaux multiform, where story will be told through tabletop play, miniature skirmish rules, and LARP/NERF/Foam-weapons. If it all flls into place the way I hope it will, the  this could end up pretty close to my current "perfect game"... Before my mood shifts and I start looking for something else.


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