RPGaDay (Day 5)

Most Recent RPG Purchase

A lot of people have been struggling with the questions associated with the RPGaDay for one reason or another. This is one of those questions for me. I've wanted to buy a few games lately, but one reason or another haven't done so.

The most recent game product I've acquired is +Jesse Morgan's Ronden Marr, as a review copy. That was my extra post yesterday.

The most recent general gaming product I've purchased is an expansion book for the Malifaux miniatures game named Rising Powers. I'm counting this as an RPG purchase because the information in this book will be contributing toward a multiform game campaign that I'll be involved in. The multiform will be a combination of parlour freeform for political elements, rubber blades and nerf guns for one-on-one action, and miniatures for skirmishes between teams lead by characters.

My most recent purchase directly from a game-designer/artist was a series of A5 prints from +Jez Gordon. Evocative black and white pieces that really speak of dark and gritty worlds.

None of these purchases are regrets.


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