28 August, 2015

RPGaDay (Day 28)

Favourite Game you no longer play

Let's have a look at the game bookshelf, because almost every game I've played in the last 2 years has been played from a pdf copy on my iPad, a printed-out pocketmod, or using other people's books.

I can narrow it down to a few...

Alphabetically, they'd be...


I've ranted on this a few times throughout this series, it was one of the few games that gave great pointers toward a good horror session. Sometimes as a GM I'd get this right, sometimes not so much, but I'd love to go back to it and refine that skill set.

Cold City / Hot War

I had a lot of fun with this a few years ago, in the regular group we had at the time. It was one of those games we intended to revisit, but just never got back to.

Old World of Darkness (specifically Hengeyokai, Mage:the Ascension, and Sabbat Vampire)

I'm saying Hengeyokai because I played one session of it and it was awesome, so it's average game quality was high (we just never managed to meet up to tell the remainder of the story). Mage was always consistently good (sometimes awesome, sometimes mediocre with interesting moments, but on average fairly good), but I've not played it much since I've been married, because Leah had a bad Mage experience with a really bad storyteller and was never willing to give it another shot. Sabbat Vampire was fun because it had that element of subversion, rebellion and thinking beyond human ideals, it was really starting to sing when they killed off the Old World of Darkness. I guess each of these games had a common theme of transcending humanity via different paths. I've been getting that a little in other games lately, but certainly not as much as I'd like.

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