RPGaDay (Day 19)

Favourite Superhero RPG

Again, must not refer to Mage: the Ascension.


I'm actually a bit annoyed that I never got around to playing Smallville or the recent cortex+ powered Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Both of these games were getting some great press for a while, and seemed to be the kind of thing that I could really sink my teeth into, but I was hard pressed for cash for a while, and it was a bit of a dry spell for gaming, so I just never got a chance to give them a run.

The only traditional "super hero RPG" on my shelves at the moment is Palladium's Heroes Unlimited which was one of those fun games that we played during high school, until we realised how utterly broken the system was. Then it basically just became an arms race to produce the most powerful character and beat up on one another, with a few sourcebooks coming out sporadically that would up the ante ever further. I actually think it was Heroes Unlimited that soured me on the concept of superhero games, and it was only with the arrival of Smallville and MHR that I even started looking back into the genre.

I've been planning to write something in this field for a while, but too many other projects to work on at the moment.


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