RPGaDay (Day 13)

Favourite RPG Podcast

Podcasts started to be a big thing at roughly the time when I moved from the suburbs of Sydney to the outskirts. My internet speeds literally dropped to less than 1% of their former levels. Podcasts, online Gaming, streaming services... They were suddenly the domain of other people. I'd hear about them, be intrigued by the notion, but never be able to reliably access them.

So, I've never really gotten into them.

I did manage to access a decent wi-fi hotspot for a while, and downloaded every episode (at that time) for +Clyde Rhoer's "Theory from the Closet"... so that's probably the podcast I've listened to most of all.

I've been meaning to get into podcasts, but I just haven't really had time, or have just been too busy doing my own things.


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