Refinding the Lost

I've been working on my FUBAR rewrite, plunging ahead because the system is generally simple enough that I've got all the moving parts memorised. I hadn't bothered looking at old interations of the game, because I was fairly sure that I knew where they emerged during the design process. Yet, in the back of my mind, I was starting to wonder how much of a leap would be involved between "FUBAR - Director's Cut" (the last version) and "FUBAR - Redux" (this version). So I looked for the   files of the last version.

I couldn't find them anywhere.

I had to download my own game from my own online web store.

After carefully reading through the old version of the game, I can see why I did certain things from a theoretical perspective, but when applied practically, they just seem to miss the mark and get in the way. It's interesting to see where my design headspace was, at the time of writing, it's also i teresting that a lot of the changes I'm thinking of aren't really changes at all, I've come full circle on a few game concepts, but now I have a different way to explain those notions.

Anyway....back to work.


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