RPGaDay (Day 22)

Perfect Gaming Environment

These are some weird questions! Some are really loaded, some are nebulous and vague, others just don't seem relevant at all to a wide chunk of the community. (The podcast question is an example of the latter because I saw numerous people answer that they didn't listen to podcasts). I'm wondering if previous years were like this...?

I don't think there is a single perfect gaming environment...and an environment that appeals to me might not be ideal for someone else.

Where possible I like to get games happening in locations evocative of the game setting. If it's post apocalypse, play in an abandoned factory or warehouse; if it's about nature, take a walk in the bushland, setting scenes at strategic camping spots along the trail. Victorian Occult/horror, use a darkened room, a table with an elaborate cloth, and candle-light. Get the players in the mood by adjusting the environment accordingly.

Quite often this is impossible, and the perfect gaming environment is simply the one that everyone can get to at the specified game time.


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