RPGaDay (Day 6)

Most Recent RPG Played

I don't know that my recent experience playing Pathfinder really counts as an RPG played. For me, the session was basically four and a half hours looking through rule books trying to find a specific character feat that was really going to start making my Gnomish Rogue character effective now that she has reached level 4. I had seen the "bomber" Alchemist ability made available for rogues somewhere, and thought it would be cool to see this in play...but couldn't find it anywhere (for those who are interested, it's actually in the online System Reference Document for the game). The time that I didn't spend looking for this ability was spent looking through other rule books trying to find things to buy with a small fortune (32,000 gold) accumulated from the previous few adventures (including a sizeable sum earnt from gambling on a gladiatorial match). It was a session for getting into character at all, and I only rolled dice twice to see if I could negotiate a cheaper price on a basic level "Belt of Physical Perfection", and something else for one of the other characters since I'm playing the team's diplomat.

I just really wasn't in the mood for it this week.

Prior to that, the most recent RPG I played was my LARPing group on the weekend. Running around dressed as a fantasy character, bashing things with foam rubber weaponry is always fun, but this week's session was basically a 6 hour combat (played out in real time, so everyone was very tired by the end of it). I spent the first half doing admin work for the group (because it seems no-one else is capable of this, and just wants the fun of dressing up with none of the responsibility of actually running things). For the second half of the day, I got to hit some people, use spells on others, and occasionally heal some folks. That was fun.


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