RPGaDay (Day 1)

I've seen this go around a few times, and decided that this time I'd give it a go.

People seem to read my blog, so they seem to enjoy what I've got to say. Maybe my responses here will generate a bit of interest.

Starting with...

#1 Forthcoming Game I'm Most Looking Forward To

There are two ways I'm looking at this. On the one hand I'm looking forward to the development and eventual release of +John Harper's Blades in the Dark which has been seeing a bit of interest in indie circles over the past couple of months. I can see it being the next interesting rule set that everyone ends up adapting to every other genre and thing, but it hasn't reached that critical mass yet.

The other thing I'm most looking forward to is the output from +Paul Czege's Threeforged challenge. It's a fascinating concept and I can't wait to see how different people will riff on one another's ideas to develop a complete game package.

There are so many new games coming through the various channels these days that it's hard to get excited about just one. More often than not, I'll have a dozen games that I'm following the development of...then when the game finally come out, it feels anti-climactic and I transfer my interest to something else that is congealing in the aether.

It probably doesn't help that I haven't had a solid group willing to experiment with new gaming products in quite a while. So I can't get overly excited about something that I'm probably not going to see hit the table at any time in the near future.


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