RPGaDay (Day 3)

Favourite New Game of the Last 12 Months

What's come out in the last year?

I've come to a blank. Are we just talking supplements? Are we talking core rule sets?

I can think of D&D5, and while that's been making critical waves across gaming circles, I really can't say that it's a favourite game.

A whole lot of indie stuff has come out, big chunks in the OSR, or driven by the Apocalypse World engine. None of that's really made a huge impression on me either.

The only game that really comes to mind as an interesting and possibly even "favourite" new product would have to be...

Through the Breach

from Wyrd

This is mainly because I've been playing their "Malifaux" miniatures game for a while, and have been hoping for an RPG in that setting, but also because you create characters by laying out a tarot spread, and making a custom deck of cards to describe your character's potential. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, even though it was released a while ago. On the positive side, I'll be helping to run a multiform game with this, using live action, tabletop, miniature skirmish, and combination nerf/boffer weapons to handle different types of story elements.

Should be fun.  


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