RPGaDay (Day 2)

Kickstarted Game Most Pleased You Backed

This is a tough one, because I rarely have the expendable cash to buy stuff on Kickstarters, especially at the moment when the Australian Dollar is doing so poorly against the US Dollar and the Euro.

The last game I backed as a Kickstarter was Monsterhearts, and that.s been out for years now (with supplements also kickstarted). I was pretty happy about funding this one, and it's seen the table a few times now.

It's probably more telling on this topic to discuss the games I regret not backing. I wish I'd gotten in on the reboots for some of my favourite games over the years. Each of the White Wolf 20th Anniversary editions has lured me, but has just been too damn expensive for me to justify. I didn't find out about the Chill 3rd Edition kickstarter until it was virtually over. The Malifaux roleplaying game "Through the Breach" was highly desired, but it too got away from me.

I usually buy a pdf copy of these games later, when I have decent cashflow again, but it always seems that when the bonus kickstarter items are available, my money isn't.


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