RPGaDay (Day 10)

Favourite RPG Publisher

If this was a quantitative analysis, and if it came down to sheer dollar value or shelf space, I'd have to say that most of my money and bookshelf inches have sat with a fairly even split between products from Palladium Books and White Wolf.

Yes, I'm a child of 90s gaming.

But honestly, I don't think I've bought a product from White Wolf since they switched to the New World of Darkness (maybe 12 years ago??), and I don't think I've bought a product from Palladium this millennium.

More recently, I've been pretty non-plussed by most publishers. The licensed materials are pretty ordinary (I went into them yesterday), the big names are producing drivel that doesn't particularly enthuse me, the niche teams are doing some awesome work ("Jadepunk", "The Fifth World", etc.), maybe some of the stuff from One-Seven (which is basically just +John Harper).

I've actually been more interested in the communal stuff coming out of collectives. My forum stomping ground of 1km1kt, even if I haven't been there for a while has seen some really interesting personalities float through it, and some interesting designs that are always free. The things that pass my radar from the Cel-style collective always seem to be interesting, too (but my links to the Cel-Style store don't seem to be working).

I'm generally of the opinion that this is an outdated question.


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